How To Avoid Common Mistakes

Most singers ignore lot of small but important things of singing. These common mistakes can hold you back from being a great singer. Before we go to talk about how to avoid these common mistakes let us see the mistakes a singer makes in the beginning.

Some aspiring singers practice without any support of a instrument. This can be one of the most dangerous thing to do. What it does is your pitching get disturbed in the beginning and this will keep troubling you in the future. At the time of starting your singing voice takes a certain shape with the notes which you sing. If these are not perfect then singing on pitch will take a long time to get perfected.
Learn how to sing by avoiding these common mistakes:

Pitching :

Pitching is the number one non-negotiable issue and undividable part of singing. No compromise on this ground. From the starting always use a perfectly tuned instrument to correct your pitch. For that you will need lot of listening. Listening to various songs and study the note progression is a very good exercise to correct your pitch.

Always record your voice and listen to it. This will give you a better idea of your present stage as a singer. When you practice singing try to listen your voice from inside of your ears that means hold your ears with both hands and listen to your voice. This will give you an idea how perfect you are on hitting the exact notes.

The only way to know about perfect pitching is to perfect your ears to pitch. When you ears start detecting then you will automatically come to know on which part you need to work on.

Phrasing :

Singing a song on pitch is important but this is not everything. Without phrasing a song does not sound well. Phrasing is timing. It is the rhythm of delivering the notes. This is one of the most common mistakes some singer do. If you are off time with your phrasing then you can’t be a good singer. Lot of people concentrate only on perfecting the pitch but forget about how to deliver them on rhythm.

The famous singers are awesome on their phrasing. Practicing on phrasing will turn you from a ‘singer’ to a ‘awesome singer.’ You just can not be off time with your phrasing. Listening to the best singers and their rhythm of throwing the notes would be great to avoid this problem.

Presentation :

Most singers make mistakes on presenting their zone of singing. If you are a Rock Singer then look like a rock star, if you are a folk singer then you should represent the folky style. You should know how to present your identity. To look like the one whom people know you as.

Never mismatch your image. Presentation of your style of singing should reflect in your song as well. You should judge the type of your singing before you take a style. Take the style you are comfortable with. Present it the way you think would be the best.

Over Delivering :

Never try to over deliver in your singing. If you try some notes that you can’t sing and try just to show off as ” the best singer ” you might end up with a bad finish. Many singer has a tendency to sing more than what they are capable of. This does not make them a super star.

Recognising your vocal limit of your singing is important. Trying to over deliver without enough practice should always be avoided. If the song is sounding good with your natural way of singing then you should let it be like that. Be the way you are.

The Feel :

A song touches your heart when it has a soul to it. This is a part that can not be teached or shown how to do it. Before singing a song you should feel the mode of it from your heart and put that into the song. Most of the singers don’t know how to do it.

Listening vivid songs and studying the great singers’ mode of expression can be a great help to improve the feel. The feel of a song is the soul of it. You will touch the hearts of your listeners through the feel of the song.

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