How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation is a most powerful force which can change the whole perspective of taking any challenge in life. It can drive any non expert to become a pro in their respective field. Motivational force comes from inside. It changes your personality and make a different person altogether. But to keep maintaining this force is really hard and most of us fail just because we can’t continue in the same way for a long time.

keep yourself motivated

Determination and motivation goes hand to hand. Motivation is a magical feeling that may give you the desire to train and Determination is the decision to train no matter how you feel because you desire results.

When you decide to learn how to sing or choose your dream to become a singer then there shouldn’t be any second thought over that decision. You have to be completely clear in your mind. You draw a picture of your success and start chasing it no matter what happens.

Lets talk about some motivational tips which can be very helpful to keep yourself motivated all the time.


These three words can be very powerful if you keep saying it over and over again. Anyone who can repeat these three magical words in their mind can see a dramatic change in his/her attitude towards achieving any goal. For a singer who has just started out or who is trying for sometime should start practicing it.

These three magical words start developing self belief and push you to work much harder and help you find ways to improve your singing. Be the one who wants it happen. Its in your hand. Its you who can and will make it BIG.


Is it possible to live without breathing ?? Very weird question, right. Take your singing passion like that. Start living with it as if you can’t live without it. Dedicate your life completely to singing. If you can develop this feeling then everything will automatically follow.


Singing itself is so beautiful that it shouldn’t take much time to adapt such kind of attitude. Start taking your singing dream like the way you breath to live. This will keep motivating you to do better all the time again and again.


This is very important to keep yourself motivated to become a successful singer. Everyone has a ideal singer whom he/she loves and dream of to be like him or her. But have you ever thought of suppressing your favorite singer someday. If not then please start to think about it only if he or she is a present star. Please note that doesn’t apply with legends who has retired or too senior to you.

work hard

When you develop this attitude and start thinking to become better than him your motivation towards your goal to become a successful singer more and more aggressive. But take it in a positive way. You know what it will do to your singing career ?? This will help keep motivating you to work more and start making your dream much bigger. Try it this thing works and someday you will be singing along side with your most favorite singer.


Don’t let go any second without dreaming of becoming a GREAT singer. Always involve yourself into it and go deeper and deeper into it. When you forget about eating and sleeping then you are actually moving towards you goal in right direction. Your practice improves so as your motivation.

Motivating yourself is far important than you are motivated by anyone else. You need that fire inside you to make it BIG. Until and unless you can’t have that zeal inside you no one can motivate you.

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