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For all those who still believe that singing can only be entertainment or a hobby, I have prepared this unusual post. I was impressed by this original story and I hope that my readers will also be interested to dive into the details of this amazing story. Today you will learn how you can improve your resume and profile. By saying this, I mean not only LinkedIn optimization service, I want to share with you the secret of how you can succeed using your vocal abilities.  

A common girl Page Kemna, a resident of Denver, became a star on the Internet, captivating millions of hearts with her original resume. If I were her, I would definitely choose LPWS help, entrusting my resume to professionals, but she went even further than that. This unusual way of presenting oneself captivated not only millions of Internet users, but also the creative department of the Good day Sacramento channel. To catch the attention of employers, she made her resume in the form of a song! That interview for this channel not only glorified her throughout the country, but also ended up with her job offer on Good day Sacramento channel. It is exactly this fateful interview that I am honored to present to your attention below.

Singing Higher – Get yourself Hired

Dina is Face timing with Page Kemna one morning, whose singing resume went viral on LinkedIn and has been viewed over a million times! This unusual guest made herself stand out from the crowd by singing her resume and then uploading it.

“Hi! My name is Page, and I want to thank you so much for considering me for this interview but. I am going to take the reins on this one, because interviews are boring and resumes are boring and this is fun. Even though my resume is super impressive. I have this crazy idea just let me know if you agree the song.”

We reached out to Page, and as you already knew, she sang her resume, she wrote an original song.  This whole story just makes my heart happy, because she is adorable and she can really sing, and that was original. So you are joining us from Denver because you are a graduate of Denver university, correct?

“Yes. I just graduated in march of last year”

Tell us what you graduated in and why you chose to sing your resume and now what you are hoping to find a job?.

“I graduated with an environmental science and psychology degree which is fascinating, because I am singing for marketing and sales jobs. Now I am looking for marketing and sales positions, but it has expanded a little bit with media and things like that, so anything that can allow me to talk to people and be noticed be bubbly? “

Of course. Did you expect your song to go as viral as it has? Thousands upon thousands of eyes have now seen this.

“I did not expect that. I only had about 400 connections on Linkedin at the time and when I posted it, I expected it to go to those people and maybe my parents. But everybody was sharing it, so it went all over the place.”

Have you had some job offers?

“Absolutely, my Linkedin and mail has exploded, so that was amazing. I am appreciative of everyone reaching out it has been a whirlwind. I have not decided on anything else, so I am still in the running. If anyone is hiring….”

I am so honored he responded to me on Facebook, because I reached out on her Instagram and asked if she would write us a jingle here and everyone did she deliver in the biggest way. Are you ready for the television debut of the good day jingle? Let’s hear it. Oh my god, that was awesome, thanks. I love it, we all bow to you, because we are obsessed. I have been thinking of that song all day thank you so much for making that jingle for us and we hope it works out, you need a job with us. What do you think?

“Yeah, yes. Definitely.”

Thank you and keep in touch with us. Thank you so much. Can we play that song again during the break? Thank you, we will be right back.

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