Breathing Types for Singing

Good singing requires good control over breathing. To have good control over breathing you need to learn how to practice singing. The best singers pitch perfectly because they have complete control over breathing while singing. Breathing and utilisation of the air when singing have to be perfect to be a good singer.

There are few types of breathing that most of the experts talk about. Knowing the types of breathing and practicing to have control are two different aspects of singing. But every singer should have knowledge about breathing types. Let me first tell you about the types of breathing before we go to how to practice on it.
Types of Breathing :

High breath or clavicular breath:

In Clavicular breathing air is drawn predominantly into the chest by raising the clavicle and the collarbone and simultaneously contracting the abdominal muscle during inhalation. This type of breathing is the most shallow type of breathing that brings oxygen into only the top third of your lungs.

In the high breathing when you inhale air your upper body lifts and when exhale the upper body comes down. the expulsion of air in this kind of breathing is fast and hard. Many singers use this kind of breathing for singing but the experts do not support this. This may shorten your use of “the singing air”.

Abdominal or belly breath:

This the breath which is highly recommended for singing. When you inhale only the abdominal comes out and goes in while exhaling the air.Air enters the lungs and the belly expands during this type of breathing. This breath helps the diaphragm to contract more and helps proper utilisation of “the singing air.”

Practice and learn how to use the belly breath while singing. This breathing type will give your more control over your accent and pitching the notes.

Rib breathing:

Rib breathing is the mixture of high breath and abdominal breath. This is not as harsh as clavicular breathing and not deep as the belly breathing. Keep your one hand on your rib and other hand on your belly and try this kind of breathing. This will expand your rib cage to outer side gently and the belly also expands.When you exhale the air only your lower belly goes in . Your upper abs don’t squeeze when you sing.

This kind of breathing is also recommended because this is going to give the optimal situation for breath support and best efficiency yourself as a singer. This gives more depth in your singing voice and control over it.

Low back breath:

While experimenting low back breath keep both hands on your low back and take a deep breath. The low back expands a little while inhaling and contracts while exhaling. This one is smaller but you can feel it anyway if you try properly.This is another good exercise to bring the deeper sensation in your body.

Practicing the low back breath helps your body’s inner air circulation well and also helps best utilisation of the diaphragm.

Practicing breathing is an integral part of singing. The best singers know how to use breathing and their diaphragm while singing. This gives immense power to their voice and deeper sensation. If you want to learn more on how to sing then Subscribe to my FREE Ultimate Singing Guide where I have explained more of it and also pay close attention to the recommended online singing courses along with my tips and new approaches of singing.

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