The First 20 hours Are Very Important

Do you know how important it is to fully utilize your first 20 hours when you decide to take singing as a career. If these hours are used to organize your mindset with a proper practice schedule you can notice some amazing difference and improvement in you.

When I said 20 hours, I didn’t mean you have to continue for these many hours at a stress. Divide these hours according to your comfort zone. You can start with 30 minutes a day for 40 days or 60 minutes per day for 20 days. Interesting part is that one can even learn a complete new subject if someone knows how to do it within this time period. Don’t believe me ?? It is 100% possible provided every second of these time period is wisely utilized.

Watch this video. I hope this will help motivating you to reach your goal..

Did you like the video ?? My intellectual mind popped up suddenly after watching this video and I decided to try one of my interests. I was skeptical about it at first but what I found later was Wow, it works like magic. I decided to concentrate on my “interest” of playing the Piano and surprisingly I found myself in a mood within a short time and my fingers started dancing on the piano keys.But this doesn’t happen until and unless you put yourself into it. In my case, I gave my one thousand percent (1000%) effort to it.

Guys, My main aim for creating this website is to gather all the information I found which are scattered all over the internet into one place. As I mentioned earlier that I am not an expert. I just want to be your guide and want to make it easy for you to go forward. You see, Internet is the Jungle of information. You will find 80% crap information out there and the dangerous part is that those are made in such a way that we are bound to believe, almost all. Really.

learn singing online

If you search for how to learn singing notes from basics online or just go and search how to sing better you will find tons of sites or confused face videos but a major portion of them are not as good as they look like. You will get lost and confused. It’s very hard to decide which one is genuine, which is not. I have been scammed many times. So, Be careful.

Your mind is everything. Remember, there are two different people inside you. One who says lets go and do it and other filled you with suspicion and negative thoughts. The moment when your first type of personality overcomes the other one then nobody, simply Nobody can stop you from reaching your goal.

I request you to start your first 20 hours from now. Organize everything properly and try 30 minutes or if you can 60 minutes everyday. Use every second of it with 100% of your effort. After completing your first 20 hours you will experience an awesome change in your singing. And these 20 hours will motivate you to practice more and push more towards your goal.

Wish you all the luck for your success. Keep visiting this tiny little website dedicated to all aspiring singers. There are lot to be shared.:-)

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