Learn How To Start Singing For Beginners

As a beginner you might be confused of thinking where and how to start. You are on this page because you are searching for quality information about getting started. You won’t get disappointed by me, I promise. Aspiring to become a singer needs courage and self confidence along with a big dream. Congratulations for your great decision to learn how to sing. Okay, lets get started now.

start singing

Resonators copyThe very first step for a beginner is to clean the throat and I’ll share a untold secret how to do it in a easy way. At first try to imagine the starting point of your throat as the letter C. What ?? Yes, it is a very important when you are just starting out. I have tried it by myself and works great if you practice it right. See the picture on your left. The blue portion of your mouth is the starting point of your throat and end part of your mouth. Just imagine that part as it shapes like the letter C. Now what you do is to sing ” Aaa” playing a note on any tuned instrument at your normal talk rage and blow the air according to the shape C. Write the letter C with the air you are blowing while singing “Aaa”. Try to create the letter C on that part just like you normally write. Then create the C shape from the the opposite side ( write it from the bottom with the air ). Try singing “Aaa” with this way from upper side to lower and then lower side to upper. While doing this open your mouth wide when you reach the mid part of the shape C. Start doing this for at least for 15 minutes a day. You know what benefit of this exercise is – This will clean your throat and improve your singing voice. Need little self study while practicing this exercise

Start gurgling twice daily with lukewarm water putting little salt into it. While gurgling try to touch the deeper part of your throat as much as you can. It will clean the dirt of the throat.

Another practice you should do is to wake up early in the morning because at this time of the day the voice remain fresh.

Now it is time to find the lower range of your singing voice. Take any perfectly tuned instrument preferably a piano or a synthesiser. Play a note at the lower range of your singing voice. Keep coming down and see on which key your voice is getting stuck up. Take the key just 2 note upper from your extreme lower vocal range i.e if the lower range of your singing voice is G1 then take the key B1. G1 is the note G from octave one. If you are not sure then ask someone to show you the note. Play the B1 Note for instance and start singing “Oooooommmmm” and try to sustain at the “mmmmmm” part as much as you can. Keep doing it for at least 15 minutes. It might be tidious at the beginning but this practice will produce a great voice in the future.

After this practice again you start the practice I mentioned earlier. What these both exercises do is to help opening up your throat muscle and will create a larger path for your singing voice. The more you do, the more power you will gain in your voice. Remember the lower range you sing the higher vocal range you get.

When you are starting out always keep it mind that the vowels ‘ A, E, I, O, U ‘ are to be practiced everyday within your comfortable vocal range.

Play the note C and sing the first vowel A and try to keep sustaining as long as you can. Then do the same exercise with the rest of the vowels with all the keys one by one. Never make singing practice in a harsh.

These are just few of the secret method to improve singing dramatically. If you want to more about the real secret to learn how to sing then Subscribe to my FREE Singing Guide and also to my newsletter series where I will be explaining everything into more details.

Getting started is a fantastic step towards any goal. Always keep moving ahead until you reach your destination. Never ever fall back. Good luck.

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