How to Improve Your Singing Voice

How to improve your singing voice – Learn how to sing

It is very important to judge your present singing stage. You are in this page because you know you need to improve your voice to a certain level. Make it sure that you can judge the detune pitch by yourself. If you can’t judge then you still need to improve your ears’ 440 level of keys. As I said earlier you should practice one note at a time which will increase your judging power. It is so very important to tune your ear first before you go to improve your singing voice.

The judgement of tune automatically comes if you keep practicing in a right way. If you can already judge your detune pitch then you are ready to go. Let me give some valuable exercises to improve your singing voice dramatically.

Exercise 1 :

Start following your favourite singer. DO NOT COPY HIS STYLE OF SINGING. You have to just follow his way of singing. Study yourself how he or she is singing the song and how he or she is hitting the correct pitch. Take one song at a time and I suggest you to listen it very closely over and over again. Now it is time to judge your singing voice with the original singer. Try record your voice and listen to it. Try to make out what your singing stage is.

Keep it mind that studio recording and recording at home will differ a lot. There are many technical aspect attached to a studio recording song. You will easily make it out how much improvement you need in your singing.

Okay now lets go to the next step.

Exercise 2:

Now it is time for some vocal practice. You should always keep it mind one important thing is ” Always try little practice early in the morning.” After leaving bed, in the morning your throat remains fresh and if you can, go for your vocal practice.This will give you a better tonal quality to your singing voice.

If your voice has a trembling mode or if your voice is not stable enough or you sing little better but not fully correct on pitching then the first exercise you need is to take a key in the lower octave according to your comfort zone and start singing “Hmmmmmmm” or “Ooooooommmmmm” for at least 15 continuously. Lets say your comfortable key is C in the octave 2.

Play the note and start singing “Ooooooommmmmm” or “hmmmmmmm” inside your mouth and try to stretch your voice as long as you can. It is recommended to close your eyes while singing. Try to feel the vibration inside your throat. Keep you ears open and see to it that your voice is getting completely merged with the key you are playing. Keep doing it and you will start seeing a difference in a weeks time. NEVER STOP THIS PRACTICE.

Exercise 3:

After doing that exercise, it is now time to practice the next key. Say you are practicing C, now go to the key D. then to E till you reach the upper C key. Then come back one by one slowly. Keep moving up and down everyday.This will give a stability to your voice in the next few days.

NEVER STRETCH YOUR VOICE. Our aim is to allow our throat to deliver a good, stable, polished singing voice. After one week you will see a difference in your singing voice and judging your voice too. Your ears will get more into the pitch and you can easily judge your mistakes.

Exercise 4:

After a week or 10 days time try to record the same song you recorded earlier. Now judge both the voices and see the difference. Keep practicing in this way for a month and you will feel far better with your singing voice.

Start practicing with random keys. Try to jump one key to another. Try to make your breath long enough so that your standing on a particular key become firm and long.

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