Are You Really A Singer

Are You Really A Singer – Do You Know How To Sing

Many people think they can sing but the reality is on the other side. They don’t try to accept the fact that they have a wrong impression about themselves. Singing is not so easy as most people think. It needs lot of dedication and patience. Just singing a song does not make anyone a singer.

When you see around, the people who are making waves in the singing industry and have big names, had gone through lot of pain to reach there. They always have a clear vision and confidence to make it big one day. Take the example of Shakira, who was thrown out of her singing class having said that she had a bad voice. But now see, how she created history.

If you think you can sing (not a casual approach) then one day you will definitely conquer the world with your singing. It might take you some time and might have to see few ups and downs but if your focus is firm and have a “never to say no” approach then nobody can stop you from getting the spot that you desire. All you have to do is to keep your dream alive, whatever situation you face.

Before you declare yourself as a singer try to judge what kind of a singer you are. If you sing just because you love it then it is better to ask yourself how far you want to carry your singing.

Music is divine and singing is the main part of music. You know why it is called divine. Because music can touch other people hearts. You can say what they want to express with your song. These are the emotions what people always want to die for. When you sing a song, you represent emotions of thousands of people around the world . They will listen to your song only if it sounds sweet and easy to their ears.

Why would people prefer you when there are so many remarkable singers around them. If you want to capture their hearts either you have to be one of the top most singers or better than them. Be clear from your thoughts about your singing and start improving your singing voice.

If you are just giving it a try or if it is just your hobby then don’t leave it there. Go little further. You might find it as your destiny. Nobody is born by being an expert. All have to learn everything on a day to day process. Music is such a field where you can’t finish learning. Everyday is a new experience, everyday you get to learn new aspect of it. You just can’t say that I have learnt how to sing.

Singing gives immense pleasure in the singer’s mind and soul. If you are a good singer then you realize what it means. If you are just trying it out then initially it might be found bitter but once a certain stage of singing is crossed then it will start giving you huge pleasure.

The big difference between a singer and a listener is that singers are always eager to learn from every song they listen and the listeners just know how to enjoy the song. You should have a creative brain to be a good singer. You always should know how to sing a song every time you are offered new songs. You just can not sound rigid otherwise your audience will get bored at some point.

I have kept my writing very simple so that every reader can get my point. Be sure of yourself and dream big. The bigger you dream, the harder you will try and less disappointment you will face.

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