How to overcome stage fright

Performance anxiety or  what we called stage fright is a common issue that occurs in every other individual. But for some people this issue becomes a mental disease. Their anxious mind shakes everything before any performance. It can be so enfeebling to some people that performance anxiety spoils their performance, public speaking or presenting themselves in front of a crowd. On the other hand stage fright is equally important for better performance. Because it can be helpful for better preparation and developing focus towards work. Only thing you need is to get control over it on the stage.

Before we discuss about some ways to overcome stage fright, we should actually understand why this problem occurs. Anxiety normally comes from excessive worries. In performance anxiety your worry takes over your focus off of your performance act and drives your attention instead to your fears and worries. Your worry then takes complete control over you and make you mo longer interested how you are going to perform and communicate with your audience. In fact you become really scared of your performance which further aggravate the anxiety.

So how come we overcome stage fright and take complete control over your mind. Here are few great tips to kick off your anxiety for good.

Divert Focus :

Your focus should be at your work not at your anxiety. Performance anxiety is all about mental thoughts. Your focus towards your performance should be so strong that no anxious feeling should hit you. Never ever divert your Focus from your preparation to negative thoughts. Develop a strong zeal of willingness to perform well and stay focus to deliver the best out of you.


Learn to Relax :

When performance anxiety hits your body become more impulsive and acts fast. You should learn to relax you body when you experience hyper tension state. All you have to do is to stand tall, close your hands with your body and take a deep breath while uplifting your shoulders towards your cheeks. Hold your breath for a moment and exhale slowly. Keep repeating this exercise for few times and see the magic.


Learn from a Baby:

What can we learn from a baby. Does it have to do anything with stage fright ?? Yes it certainly has. Watch a baby closely how he takes breath. Babies breathing sequence is deep and relaxing. If you watch closely they breath from their stomach not from the chest. But as an adult we forget to breath like a baby does. What it does is it assist your body to inhale lot of Oxigen which helps the muscle tissues to get more relax and your body doesn’t become hyperactive so easily. Start breathing from the stomach instead of your chest. Its a cool tip.


Develop confidence :

As a performing artist developing confidence is an utmost important factor to be better in this field. This comes from enough practice and preparation. Any aspiring singer or any musician should start their performance in the ground level. That means start performing in front of your family and friends. Let your near ones be your critic and you must always work on the mistakes you make during your performance. The more you practice the more you’ll gain confidence. This way you can learn how to improvise your performance and you can easily get rid of performance anxiety.


Think yourself as the best :

When you go on performing on stage always think yourself as the best even if you are a mediocre singer. Never let your fear suppress your confidence. Performance anxiety is the imagination of a danger which has never been experienced. So why to spoil your talent for a fear which is created by no other but YOU. If you have chosen this field by yourself than why to create some unwanted situation. Think yourself the best and be the best on the stage.


Lets face it:

The more you try to run away from your self made problem the more big it will be for you to overcome. To achieve anything in life you have to face it someday. Why to debilitate yourself from self made anxiety. Work on it from a smaller stage, practice to be a good performer, then go for a bigger platform and lets face it.


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