How to overcome stage fright

Performance anxiety or  what we called stage fright is a common issue that occurs in every other individual. But for some people this issue becomes a mental disease. Their anxious mind shakes everything before any performance. It can be so enfeebling to some people that performance anxiety spoils their performance, public speaking or presenting themselves in front of a crowd. On the other hand stage fright is equally important for better performance. Because it can be helpful for better preparation and developing focus towards work. Only thing you need is to get control over it on the stage.

Before we discuss about some ways to overcome stage fright, we should actually understand why this problem occurs. Anxiety normally comes from excessive worries. In performance anxiety your worry takes over your focus off of your performance act and drives your attention instead to your fears and worries. Your worry then takes complete control over you and make you mo longer interested how you are going to perform and communicate with your audience. In fact you become really scared of your performance which further aggravate the anxiety.

So how come we overcome stage fright and take complete control over your mind. Here are few great tips to kick off your anxiety for good.

Divert Focus :

Your focus should be at your work not at your anxiety. Performance anxiety is all about mental thoughts. Your focus towards your performance should be so strong that no anxious feeling should hit you. Never ever divert your Focus from your preparation to negative thoughts. Develop a strong zeal of willingness to perform well and stay focus to deliver the best out of you.


Learn to Relax :

When performance anxiety hits your body become more impulsive and acts fast. You should learn to relax you body when you experience hyper tension state. All you have to do is to stand tall, close your hands with your body and take a deep breath while uplifting your shoulders towards your cheeks. Hold your breath for a moment and exhale slowly. Keep repeating this exercise for few times and see the magic.


Learn from a Baby:

What can we learn from a baby. Does it have to do anything with stage fright ?? Yes it certainly has. Watch a baby closely how he takes breath. Babies breathing sequence is deep and relaxing. If you watch closely they breath from their stomach not from the chest. But as an adult we forget to breath like a baby does. What it does is it assist your body to inhale lot of Oxigen which helps the muscle tissues to get more relax and your body doesn’t become hyperactive so easily. Start breathing from the stomach instead of your chest. Its a cool tip.


Develop confidence :

As a performing artist developing confidence is an utmost important factor to be better in this field. This comes from enough practice and preparation. Any aspiring singer or any musician should start their performance in the ground level. That means start performing in front of your family and friends. Let your near ones be your critic and you must always work on the mistakes you make during your performance. The more you practice the more you’ll gain confidence. This way you can learn how to improvise your performance and you can easily get rid of performance anxiety.


Think yourself as the best :

When you go on performing on stage always think yourself as the best even if you are a mediocre singer. Never let your fear suppress your confidence. Performance anxiety is the imagination of a danger which has never been experienced. So why to spoil your talent for a fear which is created by no other but YOU. If you have chosen this field by yourself than why to create some unwanted situation. Think yourself the best and be the best on the stage.


Lets face it:

The more you try to run away from your self made problem the more big it will be for you to overcome. To achieve anything in life you have to face it someday. Why to debilitate yourself from self made anxiety. Work on it from a smaller stage, practice to be a good performer, then go for a bigger platform and lets face it.


Learn How to Sing Better Online

Learn How to Sing Better – Singing Lessons Online

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singingLearn how to sing – Beginning steps :

Self study – “singing by ear”

There are so many professional singers who learn how to sing by themselves. The biggest secret of these singers is their listening capacity. They have strong listening capacity and follow the singing method with self study. Learning to sing by listening other singers without any formal training is called “singing by ear”. This method can be easily applied by you if you have self confidence doing that but this approach has been frowned strongly by classically trained vocalist.

” The problem with learning to sing by ear is that you can develop bad habits that are difficult to break later in life. Professional lessons can be expensive, though. Many singers find middle ground by using self-study courses.”

We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect” but this is also true if we practice in a wrong way, we’ll be perfect in doing things in a wrong way. In singing your ears play a vital role. Your ears will only help you finding the right keys while performing a song. So to start learning how to sing we must be very very careful about the notes we are allowing our ears to listen to.

Self study is good to start with but not recommended to continue in the long run.


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Professional Help and Singing lessons online

How dedicated you are to improve your singing potential. See, until and unless you prove yourself that you are a good singer don’t expect appreciation from anyone. People make fun faces or you might get some weird expression from them. So think wise and be practical. Its you who can make a difference.170328203

Professional help to improve your singing is a must. You can sign up with one of good online singing lessons which is easily available or approach a local teacher. If the cost of voice lessons is a little steep for your budget, then try out other approaches like joining a choir at your school, church, or community center.

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Advanced Techniques – Learn how to sing better in record time for beginners

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Breathing Types for Singing

Good singing requires good control over breathing. To have good control over breathing you need to learn how to practice singing. The best singers pitch perfectly because they have complete control over breathing while singing. Breathing and utilization of the air when singing have to be perfect to be a good singer.

There are few types of breathing that most of the experts talk about. Knowing the types of breathing and practicing to have control are two different aspects of singing. But every singer should have knowledge about breathing types. Let me first tell you about the types of breathing before we go to how to practice on it.

Types of Breathing :


1. High breath or clavicular breath: 

In Clavicular breathing air is drawn predominantly into the chest by raising the clavicle and the collarbone and simultaneously contracting the abdominal muscle during inhalation. This type of breathing is the most shallow type of breathing that brings oxygen into only the top third of your lungs.

In the high breathing when you inhale air your upper body lifts and when exhale the upper body comes down. the expulsion of air in this kind of breathing is fast and hard. Many singers use this kind of breathing for singing but the experts do not support this. This may shorten your use of “the singing air”.


2. Abdominal or belly breath:

This the breath which is highly recommended for singing. When you inhale only the abdominal comes out and goes in while exhaling the air.Air enters the lungs and the belly expands during this type of breathing. This breath helps the diaphragm to contract more and helps proper utilization of “the singing air.”

Practice and learn how to use the belly breath while singing. This breathing type will give your more control over your accent and pitching the notes.


3.Rib breathing:

Rib breathing is the mixture of high breath and abdominal breath. This is not as harsh as clavicular breathing and not deep as the belly breathing. Keep your one hand on your rib and other hand on your belly and try this kind of breathing. This will expand your rib cage to outer side gently and the belly also expands.When you exhale the air only your lower belly goes in . Your upper abs don’t squeeze when you sing.

This kind of breathing is also recommended because this is going to give the optimal situation for breath support and best efficiency yourself as a singer. This gives more depth in your singing voice and control over it.


4. Low back breath:

While experimenting low back breath keep both hands on your low back and take a deep breath. The low back expands a little while inhaling and contracts while exhaling. This one is smaller but you can feel it anyway if you try properly.This is another good exercise to bring the deeper sensation in your body.

Practicing the low back breath helps your body’s inner air circulation well and also helps best utilization of the diaphragm.

Practicing breathing is an integral part of singing. The best singers know how to use breathing and their diaphragm while singing. This gives immense power to their voice and deeper sensation. If you want to learn more on how to sing then Subscribe to my FREE Ultimate Singing Guide where I have explained more of it and also pay close attention to the recommended online singing courses along with my tips and new approaches of singing.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes

Most singers ignore lot of small but important things of singing. These common mistakes can hold you back from being a great singer. Before we go to talk about how to avoid these common mistakes let us see the mistakes a singer makes in the beginning.

Some aspiring singers practice without any support of a instrument. This can be one of the most dangerous thing to do. What it does is your pitching get disturbed in the beginning and this will keep troubling you in the future. At the time of starting your singing voice takes a certain shape with the notes which you sing. If these are not perfect then singing on pitch will take a long time to get perfected.

Learn how to sing by avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Pitching :

Pitching is the number one non-negotiable issue and undividable part of singing. No compromise on this ground. From the starting always use a perfectly tuned instrument to correct your pitch. For that you will need lot of listening. Listening to various songs and study the note progression is a very good exercise to correct your pitch.

Always record your voice and listen to it. This will give you a better idea of your present stage as a singer. When you practice singing try to listen your voice from inside of your ears that means hold your ears with both hands and listen to your voice. This will give you an idea how perfect you are on hitting the exact notes.

The only way to know about perfect pitching is to perfect your ears to pitch. When you ears start detecting then you will automatically come to know on which part you need to work on.


2. Phrasing :

Singing a song on pitch is important but this is not everything. Without phrasing a song does not sound well. Phrasing is timing. It is the rhythm of delivering the notes. This is one of the most common mistakes some singer do. If you are off time with your phrasing then you can’t be a good singer. Lot of people concentrate only on perfecting the pitch but forget about how to deliver them on rhythm.

The famous singers are awesome on their phrasing. Practicing on phrasing will turn you from a ‘singer’ to a ‘awesome singer.’ You just can not be off time with your phrasing. Listening to the best singers and their rhythm of throwing the notes would be great to avoid this problem.


3. Presentation :

Most singers make mistakes on presenting their zone of singing. If you are a Rock Singer then look like a rock star, if you are a folk singer then you should represent the folk style. You should know how to present your identity. To look like the one whom people know you as.

Never mismatch your image. Presentation of your style of singing should reflect in your song as well. You should judge the type of your singing before you take a style. Take the style you are comfortable with. Present it the way you think would be the best.


4. Over Delivering :

Never try to over deliver in your singing. If you try some notes that you can’t sing and try just to  show off as ” the best singer ” you might end up with a bad finish. Many singer has a tendency to sing more than what they are capable of. This does not make them a super star.

Recognising your vocal limit of your singing is important. Trying to over deliver without enough practice should always be avoided. If the song is sounding good with your natural way of singing then you should let it be like that. Be the way you are.


5. The Feel :

A song touches your heart when it has a soul to it. This is a part that can not be teached or shown how to do it. Before singing a song you should feel the mode of it from your heart and put that into the song. Most of the singers don’t know how to do it.

Listening vivid songs and studying the great singers’ mode of expression can be a great help to improve the feel. The feel of a song is the soul of it. You will touch the hearts of your listeners through the feel of the song.

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Learn How To Start Singing For Beginners

As a beginner you might be confused of thinking where and how to start. You are on this page because you are searching for quality information about getting started. You won’t get disappointed by me, I promise. Aspiring to become a singer needs courage and self confidence along with a big dream. Congratulations for your great decision to learn how to sing better in a quick time. Okay, lets get started now.

Resonators copyThe very first step for a beginner is to clean the throat and I’ll share a untold secret how to do it in a easy way. At first try to imagine the starting point of your throat as the letter C. What ?? Yes, it is a very important when you are just starting out. I have tried it by myself and works great if you practice it right. See the picture on your left. The blue portion of your mouth is the starting point of your throat and end part of your mouth. Just imagine that part as it shapes like the letter C. Now what you do is to sing ” Aaa” playing a note on any tuned instrument at your normal talk rage and blow the air according to the shape C. Write the letter C with the air you are blowing while singing “Aaa”. Try to create the letter C on that part just like you normally write. Then create the C shape from the the opposite side ( write it from the bottom with the air ). Try singing “Aaa” with this way from upper side to lower and then lower side to upper. While doing this open your mouth wide when you reach the mid part of the shape C. Start doing this for at least for 15 minutes a day. You know what benefit of this exercise is – This will clean your throat and improve your singing voice. Need little self study while practicing this exercise

Start gurgling twice daily with lukewarm water putting little salt into it. While gurgling try to touch the deeper part of your throat as much as you can. It will clean the dirt of the throat.

Another practice you should do is to wake up early in the morning because at this time of the day the voice remain fresh.

Now it is time to find the lower range of your singing voice. Take any perfectly tuned instrument preferably a piano or a synthesiser. Play a note at the lower range of your singing voice. Keep coming down and see on which key your voice is getting stuck up. Take the key just 2 note upper from your extreme lower vocal range i.e if the lower range of your singing voice is G1 then take the key B1. G1 is the note G from octave one. If you are not sure then ask someone to show you the note. Play the B1 Note for instance and start singing “Oooooommmmm” and try to sustain at the “mmmmmm” part as much as you can. Keep doing it for at least 15 minutes. It might be tidious at the beginning but this practice will produce a great voice in the future.

After this practice again you start the practice I mentioned earlier. What these both exercises do is to help opening up your throat muscle and will create a larger path for your singing voice. The more you do, the more power you will gain in your voice. Remember the lower range you sing the higher vocal range you get.

When you are starting out always keep it mind that the vowels ‘ A, E, I, O, U ‘ are to be practiced everyday within your comfortable vocal range.

C#              D#                      F#             G#             A#

C              D               E         F            G                 A             B         C

Play the note C and sing the first vowel A and try to keep sustaining as long as you can. Then do the same exercise with the rest of the vowels with all the keys one by one. Never make singing practice in a harsh.

These are just few of the secret method to improve singing dramatically. If you want to more about the real secret to  learn how to sing then Subscribe to my FREE Singing Guide and also to my newsletter series where I will be explaining everything into more details.

Getting started is a fantastic step towards any goal. Always keep moving ahead until you reach your destination. Never ever fall back. Good luck.

How to sing high notes

Singing itself is a beautiful art but singing higher notes effortlessly is something beyond expression. Many singers are not good at singing high note and wonder how to sing high. The notes that fall within our speaking tone is not that difficult to sing rather it is easy. the higher the notes you try to sing more difficult it becomes specially for beginners.

Let me share some useful tips if you want to sing higher notes without compromising your vocal quality :


How to Sing High Notes: Learn to Find Your Upper Limit

You should not try the high note at once. This may strain your voice and your vocal chord might get damage. Learn to find the upper limit progressively one note at a time. When trying to go for the high note you will find yourself stuck at a key from where your voice don’t support you to go further.The highest note you can sing without straining is the top note or the upper limit is your natural vocal range.

Always use a properly tuned instrument while practicing. Start playing a note and start going gradually to the upper level until you reach the top of your range. Don’t get disappointed if you want to go further keys. This can be done with simple technique.

Our goal is to learn how to sing high notes without straining the vocal chord. If you want to sing beyond your natural limit then instead trying the high note, try exactly the same note on the lower side. The more you can sing the more higher you will sing.

How to Sing High Notes: Learn About Your Vocal Break

You can easily make out a complete vocal change when you try to go higher than your natural range. The deeper notes are sung in your “chest voice.” The point where this switch takes place is called as your vocal break. This means to maintain the same quality to sing more high note than your natural range you need some serious practice.

If you are a beginner or a teenage guy who is just starting to sing please don’t try this exercise. This might cause serious vocal damage or even ruin your singing voice completely.

When you try to go higher you should know how to span your vocal break to maintain the same quality of singing. Many expert singers do it with creating their second voice and it looks as if it is their unique style of singing. At some point while singing high note you might tend to get nasal voice. This higher, thinner voice is known as the “head voice”, because it resonates higher in your head.

To create a bridge between the highest natural range and to go beyond that limit you should first practice the same note at the lower octave. Keep practicing this note and go progressively one note to another to the higher note and try to touch the note which is beyond your reach and stay there. But remember do not strain your voice. Try it gradually and one day you will touch that key with ease.


How to Sing High Notes: Learn to Improve Head Voice

To develop your “head voice”, the first step is to develop the “mixed voice” which is a combination of your chest voice and head voices. As I said earlier this needs enough practice and self study. You need to create a bridge between this two voices in such a way that it should sound natural.

The mixed voice is the result of practice; but remember it is not possible to transfer your chest voice to the head voice. All you have to try go high gradually and see how you can control the gap between these two voices.

Try singing the notes between your vocal break. Try singing at the lower octave and then again try at the higher notes. Try to find out where exactly you are getting the pressure inside your throat. Find out that position and sing lower so that you feel a pressure on that part of the throat. If you feel a kind of itching and you cough then be sure that you are cleaning that part of your vocal chord.

Over time, you will learn to place the notes where you want, making the transition from chest to head voice very smooth.

How to Sing High Notes: Learn About Breath and Diaphragm Support

The most important part of strengthening the gap between your chest voice and the head voice is to learn how to use your breathing and diaphragm to support the high notes.Without the control of breathing your high notes will sound thin and reedy.

If you practice what I have mentioned earlier in the post- “how to improve your singing voice” , you should have control over your breathing. You should know the proper utilization of air that you use for singing. This is a must.

Always try to give breath support to the high notes you sing. It shouldn’t be let out too fast. Practice rationing your voice as you exhale a note. This will boost your sustain power over the higher notes you sing.

Diaphragm is the muscle in your stomach area that flexes when you laugh or exhale sharply. Practice to feel it while singing. If you practice the “Oooooommmmm” in the morning with a certain key then you feel it much easier than other vocal practices. Try exhale sound from the diaphragm with lot of breathing support to create a bridge between your chest voice and head voice.

With your full vocal range and the power of your breath and diaphragm behind you, you’ll soon learn how to sing high notes like a pro – and how to belt out money notes your audience will never forget !

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How to Improve Your Singing Voice

How to improve your singing voice – Learn how to sing

It is very important to judge your present singing stage. You are in this page because you know you need to improve your voice to a certain level. Make it sure that you can judge the detune pitch by yourself. If you can’t judge then you still need to improve your ears’ 440 level of keys. As I said earlier you should practice one note at a time which will increase your judging power. It is so very important to tune your ear first before you go to improve your singing voice.

The judgement of tune automatically comes if you keep practicing in a right way. If you can already judge your detune pitch then you are ready to go. Let me give some valuable exercises to improve your singing voice dramatically.


Exercise 1 :

Start following your favorite singer. DO NOT COPY HIS STYLE OF SINGING. You have to just follow his way of singing. Study yourself how he or she is singing the song and how he or she is hitting the correct pitch. Take one song at a time and I suggest you to listen it very closely over and over again. Now it is time to judge your singing voice with the original singer. Try record your voice and listen to it. Try to make out what your singing stage is.

Keep it mind that studio recording and recording at home will differ a lot. There are many technical aspect attached to a studio recording song. You will easily make it out how much improvement you need in your singing.

Okay now lets go to the next step.


Exercise 2:

Now it is time for some vocal practice. You should always keep it mind one important thing is ” Always try little practice early in the morning.” After leaving bed, in the morning your throat remains fresh and if you can, go for your vocal practice.This will give you a better tonal quality to your singing voice.

If your voice has a trembling mode or if your voice is not stable enough or you sing little better but not fully correct on pitching then the first exercise you need is to take a key in the lower octave according to your comfort zone and start singing “Hmmmmmmm” or “Ooooooommmmmm” for at least 15 continuously. Lets say your comfortable key is C in the octave 2.

Play the note and start singing “Ooooooommmmmm” or “hmmmmmmm” inside your mouth and try to stretch your voice as long as you can. It is recommended to close your eyes while singing. Try to feel the vibration inside your throat. Keep you ears open and see to it that your voice is getting completely merged with the key you are playing. Keep doing it and you will start seeing a difference in a weeks time. NEVER STOP THIS PRACTICE.


Exercise 3:

After doing that exercise, it is now time to practice the next key. Say you are practicing C, now go to the key D. then to E till you reach the upper C key. Then come back one by one slowly. Keep moving up and down everyday.This will give a stability to your voice in the next few days.

NEVER STRETCH YOUR VOICE. Our aim is to allow our throat to deliver a good, stable, polished singing voice. After one week you will see a difference in your singing voice and judging your voice too. Your ears will get more into the pitch and you can easily judge your mistakes.


Exercise 4:

After a week or 10 days time try to record the same song you recorded earlier. Now judge both the voices and see the difference. Keep practicing in this way for a month and you will feel far better with your singing voice.

Start practicing with random keys. Try to jump one key to another. Try to make your breath long enough so that your standing on a particular key become firm and long.

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Are You Really A Singer

Are You Really A Singer – Do You Know How To Sing

Many people think they can sing but the reality is on the other side. They don’t try to accept the fact that they have a wrong impression about themselves. Singing is not so easy as most people think. It needs lot of dedication and patience. Just singing a song does not make anyone a singer.

When you see around, the people who are making waves in the singing industry and have big names, had gone through lot of pain to reach there. They always have a clear vision and confidence to make it  big one day. Take the example of Shakira, who was thrown out of her singing class having said that she had a bad voice. But now see, how she created history.

If you think you can sing (not a casual approach) then one day you will definitely conquer the world with your singing. It might take you some time and might have to see few ups and downs but if your focus is firm and have a “never to say no” approach then nobody can stop you from getting the spot that you desire. All you have to do is to keep your dream alive, whatever situation you face.

Before you declare yourself as a singer try to judge what kind of a singer you are. If you sing just because you love it then it is better to ask yourself how far you want to carry your singing.

Music is divine and singing is the main part of music. You know why it is called divine. Because music can touch other people hearts. You can say what they want to express with your song. These are the emotions what people always want to die for. When you sing a song, you represent emotions of thousands of people around the world . They will listen to your song only if it sounds sweet and easy to their ears.

Why would people prefer you when there are so many remarkable singers around them. If you want to capture their hearts either you have to be one of the top most singers or better than them. Be clear from your thoughts about your singing and start improving your singing voice.

If you are just giving it a try or if it is just your hobby then don’t leave it there. Go little further. You might find it as your destiny. Nobody is born by being an expert. All have to learn everything on a day to day process. Music is such a field where you can’t finish learning. Everyday is a new experience, everyday you get to learn new aspect of it. You just can’t say that I have learnt how to sing.

Singing gives immense pleasure in the singer’s mind and soul. If you are a good singer then you realize what it means. If you are just trying it out then initially it might be found bitter but once a certain stage of singing is crossed then it will start giving you huge pleasure.

The big difference between a singer and a listener is that singers are always eager to learn from every song they listen and the listeners just know how to enjoy the song. You should have a creative brain to be a good singer. You always should know how to sing a song every time you are offered new songs. You just can not sound rigid otherwise your audience will get bored at some point.

I have kept my writing very simple so that every reader can get my point. Be sure of yourself and dream big. The bigger you dream, the harder you will try and less disappointment you will face.

Whatever your singing stage is be with me, more importantly Subscribe to my FREE Singing Guide which will help you learning every important steps you want to know how to sing. Beware of the recommended singing course I suggest for you to try. These are the singing materials of million dollar worth. So never skip. Get started now.


Singing Lessons Online For Free

Where to find good singing lessons online?? Singing is such a heavenly feeling that only a good singer, who knows how to sing, can realise but most of the singers who either be struggling to make it to the top or those who are just starting out find it difficult to feel the ultimate pleasure of singing. It gives an immense pleasure to your body, mind and soul. It is very important to get involve in a good online singing program. if you are searching to learn how to sing online then internet is the answer to all. But the bad news is it is not so easy to find trusted singing lessons online. Either you will get scammed by losing lots of money or they won’t give you what you are looking for.

singinglessonsHere, you need a guide to get introduce to you who already have good experience with online singing course. But the problem is how do find a experienced guy who can genuinely help you. Online singing lessons are helpful only when it is filled with valuable information. This is where I can be your great help in guiding how to properly develop your singing potential in record time. I have struggled a lot and lost a lot of money while I was struggling to find a good singing lesson online. This site has been created to help people like me to show the right way. I am going to share all singing techniques to you which I learnt over the years for free. Yes, all for free.

Am I just another scammer who is trying to convince you to empty your pocket.The answer is NO. How ?? Because I am providing you with free online singing lessons and going to show you some amazing professional singing tips and updates. If you subscribe to my FREE “Ultimate Singing Guide” I promise you to be a better singer in just 3 months from today. You will get to learn some hidden secrets that professional singers mostly use to improve their vocal ability.

If you are searching for some super singing lessons online then try my Free Singing Guide, be with me for next 90 days and watch how your singing improves. Only thing you have to do is to follow the instructions that are explained in the Guide book. Gradually I’ll keep updating with some valuable tips and techniques with few trusted and genuine paid (optional) singing lessons online. But if you don’t take action than nobody even, God can’t help you in fulfilling your dream 🙂

We all have e mail accounts, so it is better to use it for your betterment of your passion. If you are really serious about being a professional singer in the near future, instead of getting confused, it would be a wise decision to try something FREE, without taking any risk.

This would be one of the best online singing lessons, I can guarantee you that. What you will get to learn in the free course:

singinglessons11. How to avoid common mistakes to improve your vocal range.

2. How to sing on pitch with easy vocal exercise.

3. Easy steps to know your voice. etc.


This free singing lesson online will change your life dramatically. Take action and find the greatest techniques to improve your singing ability. Improve your voice in such a way that you feel like listen to it over and over again. Get full control over your singing and be a master performer. Rock the stage with confidence and blow away your audience mind. Make them crazy about you and your singing. Yes, you can do it. The most popular singer, you just name it, everyone is just as common people as we are.

Take action today, time is money. Once its gone, its gone. Your life is in your hand. Its you who can either make it or break it. Each day is a day of decision and our decision determines our destiny.

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation is a most powerful force which can change the whole perspective of taking any challenge in life. It can drive any non expert to become a pro in their respective field. Motivational force comes from inside. It changes your personality and make a different person altogether. But to keep maintaining this force is really hard and most of us fail just because we can’t continue in the same way for a long time.


motivation1Determination and motivation goes hand to hand. Motivation is a magical feeling that may give you the desire to train and Determination is the decision to train no matter how you feel because you desire results.


When you decide to learn how to sing or choose your dream to become a singer then there shouldn’t be any second thought over that decision. You have to be completely clear in your mind. You draw a picture of your success and start chasing it no matter what happens.


Lets talk about some motivational tips which can be very helpful to keep yourself motivated all the time.



These three words can be very powerful if you keep saying it over and over again. Anyone who can repeat these three magical words in their mind can see a dramatic change in his/her attitude towards achieving any goal. For a singer who has just started out or who is trying for sometime should start practicing it.


These three magical words start developing self belief and push you to work much harder and help you find ways to improve your singing. Be the one who wants it happen. Its in your hand. Its you who can and will make it BIG.



Is it possible to live without breathing ?? Very weird question, right. Take your singing passion like that. Start living with it as if you can’t live without it. Dedicate your life completely to singing. If you can develop this feeling then everything will automatically follow.


Singing itself is so beautiful that it shouldn’t take much time to adapt such kind of attitude. Start taking your singing dream like the way you breath to live. This will keep motivating you to do better all the time again and again.



This is very important to keep yourself motivated to become a successful singer. Everyone has a ideal singer whom he/she loves and dream of to be like him or her. But have you ever thought of suppressing your favorite singer someday. If not then please start to think about it only if he or she is a present star. Please note that doesn’t apply with legends who has retired or too senior to you.


When you develop this attitude and start thinking to become better than him your motivation towards your goal to become a successful singer more and more aggressive. But take it in a positive way. You know what it will do to your singing career ?? This will help keep motivating you to work more and start making your dream much bigger. Try it this thing works and someday you will be singing along side with your most favorite singer.



Don’t let go any second without dreaming of becoming a GREAT singer. Always involve yourself into it and go deeper and deeper into it. When you forget about eating and sleeping then you are actually moving towards you goal in right direction. Your practice improves so as your motivation.


Motivating yourself is far important than you are motivated by anyone else. You need that fire inside you to make it BIG. Until and unless you can’t have that zeal inside you no one can motivate you.


There are lots to be covered. If I keep writing on this topic then it will go on and on. My best suggestion is to Subscribe the FREE Singing guide and along with that I will be providing you some amazing tips to improve you as a singer. You see, everyone needs a guide to succeed in life. Here I can be your great help. There are some unknown secrets which I can’t share publicly to everyone. I will only share those SECRETS to my loyal subscribers who trust me.

Wish you GOOD LUCK.